Polybutylene Pipes Replacement in Raleigh, NC

How are your polybutylene pipes holding up? If you’re at all concerned about the integrity of your home plumbing system, CK’s Plumbing & Backflow can provide a complete replacement of your poly pipes. We’ll take out your old system and leave a brand-new system in its place, leaving you with peace of mind in the strength of your home’s plumbing.

How to Tell If You Have Polybutylene Pipes

Homeowners often find out they have a plumbing issue during home inspections as part of the home-buying process. Polybutylene pipes are no longer compliant with most building codes, so inspectors will point out this problem immediately.

However, if you’ve lived in your home for many years, have inherited an older home or otherwise are unsure about the status of your potable water plumbing system, check to see if your pipes are made of gray or blue plastic. You’ll find these pipes in various locations around your home:

Look under sinks, in crawl spaces or in your basement or attic. They’ll be a half-inch to an inch in diameter and likely will have “PB” written on them.

Unable to search for yourself? Our team of plumbing experts will be more than happy to assess your pipes and help you make the right call on pipe replacement. Just get in touch and we’ll be on our way!

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With our local presence, we’ve helped households throughout the Triangle address their plumbing and backflow needs quickly and efficiently. We have locations in:

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Why Should You Replace Your Poly Pipes?

Since polybutylene pipes no longer meet most building codes, we recommend replacing them as soon as possible. They have a life expectancy of about 10-15 years before they will fail, and since they’re no longer up to code, remaining poly pipes are likely that age or older. Why should you replace? Let’s break down why poly pipes are no longer recommended:

Poly pipes are fragile and prone to failing or leakage, causing water damage.

The chemical components that make up poly pipes react to chlorine and fluoride, leaching chemicals from the pipes into the water supply. This could lead to health risks from drinking or otherwise using the supply.

Your home’s value may be affected by polybutylene pipes. Buyers will likely be reluctant to buy a home with components that aren’t up to code, and could even make their offers conditional on pipe replacement.

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